Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mum to do book signings

In a hilarious take on parental pride, my Mum has been doing her part to promote the book. It seems however, it may have backfired as Angus & Robertson suggested she do the signing in my absence. If you know my Mum you'd know why this might be quite terrifying. I think it's fabulous!

In case she does decide to do it, I'll take a poll, if my Mum was to do a book signing of Sunshine on Sugar Hill (she is in the book quite a lot), what should she sign as?

a) Mum of Angela Gilltrap
b) Proud parent of Angela Gilltrap
c) A fabulous person in her own right, H Gilltrap
d) Or Mammas rock!

You decide!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sunshine on Sugar Hill is now on shelves

Thanks to my bestie Martin Burgess I now have photos of my book on shelves. It's sort of crap being here in NY and not seeing it. Would you believe I don't even have a copy yet. Lol! Love the ABC. If you see it around send us a pic.

Don't forget you can get a sneak preview at for free. Here's what others have had to say:

"I'm hooked! Have just read the first chapter and was very disappointed when the down scroll button wasn't working so I could read more!"

"Well I got to read the first chapter last night on the way to see some totally crap show. Let me say ... brilliant!"

Friday, March 27, 2009

My new pet hate

Sitting in Carnegie Hall with its ornate ceilings and ethereal fixtures, I was tired yet enthusiastic. All of a sudden the lights dimmed and people began to stand up. Row by row the chanting started and right on cue Morrisey and his five-piece band entered the stage.

Although not an avid fan, I appreciate a good concert which this was. One thing that struck me however, was people's complete dependence on electronics. Fans had paid anywhere from $75-$200 to hear their idol yet they could not put down their blackberries. For one hour, it seemed too much for people to just enjoy the music.

Instead of being in the moment, they called a friend to let them know what was going on; they twittered to let them know what was going on; they text photos to let them know what was going on; they missed most of what was going on.

For one hour people put the phone away!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


If you want a sneak preview of Sunshine on Sugar Hill you can download the prologue and first chapter at Happy reading!

Monday, March 23, 2009

7 Days to go

Seven days to go until the book hits shelves. If you see it in stores send me a shot. Meanwhile, it's Spring here in New York and it's -4C. What is going on?

Very soon we will start the 'Behind the Book' series here on It's promising to be very funny.

You know when you read a book and wonder what the people actually look like? We're going to show you starting the next couple of weeks.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The world is full of stupid people

Young drivers get a lot of slack these days. I realized why this weekend. No sooner had I received a five minute call for lunch with my handsome man, than another call followed saying it would be postponed, some idiot just ran into him. By the way he relayed the message I thought it was merely a fender bender, a slight inconvenience in our weekend schedule.

"Come down the road," he said. "I can't leave just yet."

He heard the hesitation in my voice. "Don't worry, you'll see us."

Strolling down the road casually, I let my mind wander about the endless list of things I had to do this coming week. Then I turned the corner. This was no fender bender, in front of me my other half's car was a crumpled heap with the gigantic man that he is standing next to it.

An 18 year old driver had run a red light and slammed at full speed into the driver's side what makes this particularly ironic is my boyfriend is a policeman. Honestly how stupid can you get?

Thankfully folks my poor man is sore but fine, currently recuperating with the aid of serious drugs but really, not only did this idiot run a red in front of a police car he then turned and slammed straight into oncoming traffic, into the police car. Stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some favorites from fashion week, Moda Lisboa - So far..



BEST IN SHOW, Miguel Vieira


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pick the New Yorker

The Portuguese sun is shining. The Italians are tanning, the French are downing a glass of wine, the Brazilians are working on their Brazilians and the one New Yorker (via Australia) is inside on her laptop, looking out. Pasty white skin attesting to her complete lack of exposure to the sun. Working...writing about luxury hotels in the Caribbean while outside the sun is shining.

We in New York don't really know what relax means. So many deadlines, so many damn blogs to write! Currently I sit in the darkened business center but today i will rebel! I will see that sun damn it, i will recline on that lounger before I see all eight fashion shows on today's roster.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Should your assistant dispose of your used gum?

Tales from Moda Lisboa - Day Two

After battling into the wee hours to send catwalk shots to I finally got to sleep in my spacious seaside room at Hotel Albatroz, Cascais. Day one had run smoothly enough, thankfully nespresso was on hand to make sure I didnºt fall asleep in the front row.

Note: Nespresso, yes in Europe they are not having to resort to McDonalds as a fashion week sponsor!!!

For all the fashion goss head to:

With the fashion taken care of a few more pressing issues began to arise while waiting for the lights to shine and the models to start strutting their stuff, mainly involving chewing gum (yes, we are a deep bunch).

Chewing gum is a messy yet necessary fashion accesory. It makes your breath minty fresh and keeps away those pesky food cravings. The question arises then, what do you do with it when youºre done?

It was a question Laura Walters of Parisian magazine Wad, and I, began to ponder while waiting for the Miguel Vieira collection. Do you use a napkin, wrap it up and put it in your bag when the thrill is gone? Do you tear a piece of paper from your fashion look book?

Jokingly, in true NY bitch fashion, I suggested our assistant take care of it. She looked at me horrified."I think my assistant would tell me exactly where to stick it if I asked her to dispose of my used gum!"

I wondered what my intern would do in such a case. I think she would do it. If it was properly wrapped I donºt see why not. The alternative is at the end of the day I will be searching through the recesses of my bag looking for used, wrapped chewing gum. And in the busy world of blogging and daily web updates, I just donºt have the time!!!!

All I want to know is, is it assistant abuse? Or can we call it delegating?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tales from Moda Lisboa- The First Clothing Casualty

No sooner had I made myself comfortable on the Trenton bound Path train, than the conductor lovingly announced that it would be going express – by passing the airport, my chosen destination.

“Holy crap,” I exclaimed, half-eaten banana thrown into the depths of my hand luggage as I scrambled for the exit.

It wasn’t until I was on the platform that I realized my scarf must have fallen out of my bag.

Boo! 30 minutes in and one item down!

Note: If anyone is in the vicinity with a spare, gorgeous scarf, give me a holler!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Best of Coffee Table Treasures

I love coffee table books. I may not own a coffee table just yet, but I most definitely own a whole collection of gorgeous table treasures. I just finished having lunch with Tiffany Alvarado Publicity Director Thames & Hudson and I’d like to report there are plenty more to come. Here are a couple out in the next few months to keep an eye out for:

Christian Lacroix on Fashion (Thames & Hudson $39.95) Out April

Fly By Night by Craig McCarthy (Thames & Hudson $19.95) Out April

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ghetto is in the eyes of the beholder

It came to my attention the other day, that the way I see my neighbourhood is a little tainted - on the positive side. While others see thugs hangin' in the doorway of Dunkin Donuts, I see my neighbours. When others shudder at the fact we have to exit the subway using a different exit (thanks to a man lying at the bottom of the stair with two police officers standing over him shaking their heads) well I see a chance to walk a little longer in the fresh air.

Where we live says more about us than we know. What we put up with is perhaps even more telling. I wouldn't say that any of these things bother me, it's just another day on Sugar Hill really. Would I rather live in Trump Towers? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I do know that in Harlem there is always going to be something to talk about and that to me, is never a bad thing.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Is it wrong to eat nachos while watching The Biggest Loser?

Question of the day: Is it okay to eat nachos while watching the biggest loser? (not that I would, I'm just asking)

So let's go backwards here. Just got home from Bagatelle where a fabulous art instillation was taking place featuring British artist Russell Young.

Prior to that it was all about handbags at the Plaza courtesy of MCM with Casey Gillespie (editorial director, Zink magazine), Miss Pamela (all about handbags) and Joseph Ungocu (editor

The night before it was all about Portuguese wines, a little taste of what's to come next week when I head to Lisbon to cover fashion week. Till then, have a champas for me. x

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Good Goodie Bags

I’ve been listening to my Soft Sheen Carson mix tape/USB all day, actually everyday this week. The whole office is bopping along to DAMN girl, DAMN. It’s fabulous. It has to be one of my favorite free pr offerings. On that theme I thought I would give my most noteworthy top 5 freebies.

Most decadent
1) A pot of 24-carat gold dust to use as blusher

Most curious:
2) Fashion toilet paper

Most offensive:
3) A tape measure and tube of tummy flattening cream

Most intimate:
4) Free Brazilian wax

Most coveted:
5) Nuno Gama luggage

That's all for now, I've gotta go double pump my way through the day

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm a luxury item!

You realize that as authors we have no say about the price tag of our books. The publishing company tells us like everyone else (in a book release) where we then shrug our shoulders and hope to heavens that someone other than our Mum (or Casey Gillespie) will buy it. I was quite amused however, to find this price on a book website. On closer inspection the $237 price tag is for a pack of 8 books (fun for the whole family) but on first look I did seem rather like a luxury item. At least it makes the rather hefty price tag of AUS$32.95 seem like a steal.

Has anyone ridden in the back of a police paddy wagon lately?

Let me tell you, those things are area challenged. I almost couldn't squeeze in. It didn't help that the two officers escorting me were 6'9 and 6'4. After they had made themselves comfy, with ample leg room, it really didn't leave much for me or my travelling companion.

"But what if you get a really big criminal?" I asked.

"They have to squash in," the tall one replied.

Wow talk about a criminal detterent.

I was on my way to help evict a squatter (or blood sucking leech ex-boyfriend) from a friend's apartment. Some interesting things to note:

* NEVER let a visitor stay in your house for more than 30 days (apparently in New York that gives them some sort of bizarre rights!!!)

* NEVER let them recieve any sort of mail at your address (that shows some sort of ridiculousness in a court of hooha)

Remember these things and think twice about committing a crime if you are over 4' tall.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ok so news is starting to spread as we make the count down to book due day. And I have to admit seeing the title of the book in any place other than my computer is pretty weird. This one however, takes the cake. At the QBD online book store you can purchase my book, nothing new there. What is hysterical, is that they have done the:

People who bought Sunshine on Sugar Hill: Life and Love in New York by Angela Gilltrap also bought:

Check out this list!
Broken: The most shocking story of abuse ever told
The Bone Woman
Silent Scream

My book is funny I promise! Okay so there is a chapter called 'My First Drive-By' but it’s still funny. My goodness!

Glad to be gilded

Welcome to March, holy crap where did the time go??? At the magazine we just put to bed the May Design Issue, I think thinking four months ahead has started to mess with my brain. I want to think about February damn it, but I thought about that last November.

Anyway the countdown has begun until Sunshine on Sugar Hill hits bookstores. I plan to go undercover at that point because I can’t remember what I said about who! Maybe I should just send out a blanket apology in case I’ve offended a friend, family member and/or entire racial sector of America. It is quite possible as I do tend to play things for laughs. I would like to say though that even though I might say something seemingly inappropriate nothing could ever beat what I say about myself. That is the only defence I can offer.

In lieu of all this added stress and drama I was mercifully whisked away this weekend to The Gild Hall Hotel in the Financial District. Just a couple of days in sheets someone else has lovingly laundered, does wonders for the soul. Sequestered on the sixteenth floor in a King sized bed, I did come to realize a couple of things:

1) Just because you have 500 channels doesn’t mean there is anything to watch
2) Returning home to laundry and a blank computer screen can be a bummer.

Regardless, better to have a break in preparation for the coming week. It’s looking like a big one, will keep you posted. While we are talking work, functions and fashion a big shout out to Joseph Ungocu, 29, 6", new Editorial Director of We were sad to see him go, but happy he can shout a round once more.

Next week it’s off to ModaLisboa Fashion Week in Portugal. Another hotel, hooray! I may never stay home on weekends again.

Top left: a little picture of Suzie the rhinoceros, an awesome part of the décor at Gild Hall. Can't recommend it highly enough (particularly if you're paying)