Sunday, October 25, 2009

Unpaid, unsolicited yet fabulous review of Sunshine on Sugar Hill

"It was with some trepidation that I began to read Angela Gilltrap's "Sunshine on Sugar Hill" - on loan from a young and beautiful New Yorker called Casey who incidentally appears on and from Page 175 in the book. As a stuffy old Brit far removed from life in the Big A and indeed any big place, what was there for me in these pages?

From early on in the book though you are swept along by the author's enthusiasm for her new adventure as she begins her life in New York. You can't help liking AG. She is engaging, funny and you want her to succeed. Despite the inevitable setbacks on starting a new life she faces each new challenge like a reborn Polyanna with renewed vigour and the eponymous "sunny" disposition.

But for me the biggest plus in this very good read is AG's depiction of life in a Harlem tenement block. You wished you could meet the local characters who became her friends. Eventually Sugar Hill with its perils and its warmth gets right under your skin.

I was so sorry to come to the end of this book. It was like losing a friend."

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Favorite Fashion Moments of 2009

Direct from Moda Lisboa
Moda Lisboa/Photography: Rui Vasco

Newcomer, Vitor showed a well-styled collection inspired by the recent upheaval in Athens.

Tried and true sportswear brand Adidas presented their Adidas Originals collection, showcasing a number of famous Portuguese celebrities and olympic medal winners (not too mention buff bodies.)

One of my all time favorite Portuguese designers, Katty Xiomara pulled together a cohesive collection of geometric and structured shapes. Very feminine, very Katty.

Luis Buchinho showcased long and fluid designs with pleats in silk taffeta and jersey. A colorful collection of wearable, dynamic silouettes.

Nuno Baltazar, is the supermodel of designers. Too die for eyes, George Michael-style stubble, the appeal of his clothes only adds the appeal of the man himself. His clothes are a hit with the high society ladies and this season, some inspiration from Africa made it´s way onto the catwalk.

To finish the night, the first lady of Portuguese fashion, Ana Salazar, showed her latest collection...

Moda Lisboa

There´s no denying that Portuguese Fashion Week is one of my favorite events. Situated in beautiful Cascais, the Atlantic Ocean kisses the sea side edge of the cliff, where a ancient fortress hosts Moda Lisboa. Now in it´s 33rd year, it continues to show designers new and old, experimental and conservative with a history steeped in traditional tailoring.

Every year the same international press descend upon Hotel Albatroz on the waterfront of Cascais to catch up, laugh, get loud, and of course, check out this season´s latest offerings.

This year marks the end of Moda Lisboa´s Cascais location so it is with sadness that we bid farewell to an era of down time by the pool and breakfast overlooking the beach - you may realize now why this is one of my favorite destinations.

Highlights from Day 1
Photographs by Rui Vasco

Cia Maritima

Alexandra Moura

White Tent

Jose Antonio Tenente