Saturday, February 28, 2009

No furniture - will travel

It’s becoming quite a trend that as I reach the end of the week, I find myself packing my bags and heading to a hotel. Ordinarily this is not unusual. Last year I flew to some un-exotic town in Middle America every weekend to judge the next wave of dancing superstars. That entailed stops at the glamorous Red Roof Inn, South Jersey and the Airport Hilton Hotel, Montreal now however, I find myself staying a little more local (in fact most of the time several subway stops away from where I live). And it’s great.

As I pack my bags headed for Gild Hall Hotel in the financial district I have to say I’m liking this. Week days at home in Harlem, weekends at a hotel near you complete with room service and as in last weekend, a butler. If you’re sitting at home this weekend I highly suggest it. will have you living the life of luxury in no time.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two-Day Round Up (because the week was just too big)

okay so it's coming to the end of the week who rocked our world and who disappointed this week....

Checked out of the ST REGIS HOTEL Sunday afternoon. Thanks Lenny for all your help. I really miss having a butler.

THE ASTEROIDS GALAXY TOUR popped into the office Wednesday. The Danish duo have a hot sound, if you haven't already checked them out, make sure you do. Head to to download their hot track 'Sun Ain't Shining No More' for free. Im doing a feature for Groupie magazine at look out for it in April.

Headed down the road soon after to check out Soft Sheen Carson's latest offerings; Magic Shave, Dark and Lovely, Roots of Nature with a tour from Mr. JOHNNY WRIGHT, the first lady's hairdresser. Currently listening to the dark and lovely mix (a USB mix tape), part of our goodie bag. Hee hee

Wednesday night it was off to Benoit to sample the edible cocktails on offer. Mm.. good times

Tonight it's a showcase of emerging designers...

Lenny the Butler

I’ve been in showbiz my whole life. I therefore swing from lifestyles of the rich and famous to those of the poor and homeless. Thankfully, last weekend I graciously slipped into the role of heiress and it was, well, it was bloody fabulous. Unfortunately, like being shuffled from first class to economy the come down was brutal. But first, let’s start with the pleasure before we get to the pain...

The St Regis Hotel is located in one of NY’s most exclusive neighborhoods. Down the road from Playboy headquarters, across the road from Trump Towers (5th Avenue), they know very well how to put the fabulous into five star. And nothing is more fabulous than a $2000/night suite complete with your own butler.

Just one night in this luxury suite, complete with period furniture, two huge TVs (possibly bigger than my living room wall), real silver, drinks cart, mini bar and fresh fruit platter, is enough to make you want to succeed in a big way. Talk about a million dollar incentive. A huge living room, canopy King-sized bed, two bathrooms and of course, Lenny the fabulous butler; there at a moment's notice, ready to run when called. Everyone needs a butler.

I'd like to add, that this suite also includes an optional luxury bath at the bargain price of $1 650.

Good times. Good times indeed...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is it wrong to give homeless people marketing advice?

It’s something I wondered while heading to Brooklyn last night. A middle-aged gent, homeless and needy, he explained, boarded the downtown A and started his spiel. He didn’t need food, he said. He didn’t need shelter, what he needed was cash for clothes, as he only owned two sets, the others were back at the men’s refuge. Had he have stopped there I feel he would have been successful in his quest for donations however, he continued on revealing the following details:
* He had just got out of jail and was on parole
* He had been deemed mentally unstable with a combination of schizophrenia and bi-polar
* He was a former drug dealer who had no desire to go back to jail
* He couldn’t get mental health benefits as had been told by his psychiatrist
* He was waiting to lodge an appeal, which could take up to six months
* Ect. Ect. Ect.

This is where I started to wonder whether I should interject, he was loosing the crowd; people had left the train, others had boarded. He needed to keep his pitch sharp and concise. Say it in less than 30 secs, I wanted to scream. Grab em by the balls, pull them by the heart strings. Let’s get together and work on it, come on you can do this, I silently chanted. I didn’t however, which brought me to this rather odd question, could a positive program called marketing 101 specifically for the homeless be introduced by some sort of government agency? Mm, food for thought.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Official Fashion Week Prayer

In honor of New York Fashion Week; for those hurting in heels and lacking in nutrition I would like to dedicate this prayer:


For those who use their Gucci sling purses for evil,
We thank you for teaching us restraint (and that violence can chip an expensive manicure)
For those who believe a clip board equals dictatorship,
We thank you for showing us that arrogance leads to wrinkles.
For those who believe someone better is standing just off to my left,
We bless you for letting us escape your self-absorbed conversation if only for a minute.
For those who believe I’m too fat, too skinny, too underdressed, too overdressed, too provincial, too city, too last season and/or too now
We send blessings on high to you and your family for noticing that I am in fact alive and standing in front of you.
Feel free to introduce yourself...

Happy clothes people.

Love Ange

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Start you day with Marvin Gaye

I’ve recently begun starting my day with a little Marvin Gaye and let me tell you, it could possibly be the answer to morning caffeine; bad mood wake-ups and, well, happiness in general. Thanks to my usual radio morning crew not showing up to work (does anyone know why Ed Lover is no longer present on the Ed Lover Show?) I’ve turned off the new R&B in lieu of the old.
My advice: try it for a week, it’s guaranteed to make you a better person or your money back.

Suggested spinning: Marvin Gaye’s Greatest Hits

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love for your landlord

When you’re landlord in Harlem calls, you can assume one of three things:

1) They have lovingly called to break the news that your apartment is on fire
2) They have lovingly dialed your number to tell you someone has broken into your one bedroom apartment (devoid of furniture) and stolen your only chair
3) It’s rent day and you’ve yet to pay up.

At least that’s the case with my landlord. If you are on good terms with the King or Queen of your block then life in New York is a lot easier. Coming from a co-op these things are especially important. Toilet broken? If you’re a pain in the ass tenant, you will be forgotten, play nice and your plumbing will not contribute to the shit in your life.

So when my landlord called today and left a message I got a little freaked out. Was my apartment on fire? Did someone steal my one fold-up chair (that actually isn’t even mine but borrowed from my ex)? Could she be calling about the rent that I have yet to scrounge? Better just face the music, call back, call back and suffer the consequences. I’m a survivor damn it!

I quickly dialed her number, no answer. Dear Lord it’s a fire, she’s on the street helping put it out, taking the charred remains of the fold up, shaking her head and thanking the Lord no one was hurt. Don’t be silly I tell myself, she’s just taking a break. I call again, ‘Hello’.

Turns out a package arrived for me from my folks back home. Seeing I was out all day, the Matriarch of the building signed for me and is currently holding it within the safe confines of her apartment. Ah, Sugar Hill you just can’t beat it.