Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Behind the Book Series - Casey Gillespie

Behind the book with Casey Gillespie, 29, 5’9”

What page do you first appear on?
I believe it’s 176, but I’m going to have to check again (note my bitter tone).

How do you feel about that?
Again, note my bitter tone, sweetie. I feel a bit jilted being your non-sexual life partner and all. Plus, I’m funny. (And tall.) I should have been introduced much earlier, and when you finally get it published in America I expect to appear in the first 50 pages!

Is it true that you say sweets and/or sweetie a lot or was I exaggerating?
Sweetie — seriously, what are you talking about?! I do not! Total and complete over exaggeration (sweetie).

Who would play you in the movie?

I’m pretty sure that Kate Winslet — having just won an Oscar — is the only one who would truly be able to understand the depth and complexity of my character.

What’s your favorite story from the book?

Well, besides each and everyone that I appear in I’m quite partial to the Laundromat/Korean embassy story. I remember you sent me a text that said, “Laundromat sign says ‘please empty pockets of paper, coins, bullets…’” I still laugh out loud.

Do you think you’ll get a spin off?
All leading ladies disguised as the best friend get spin offs, so yes. I see a trilogy plus movie deal.

Was the 'Casey' in the book the 'Casey' in real life?
You mean demanding, intolerable of stupidity, bossy, sarcastic and tall? Yep, that pretty much sums me up.

Is your name Casey?

Don’t ask me dumb questions, sweetie — I’m blond.

What makes this book better than a handbag purchase?

Well, clearly because a handbag will only give you one — possibly two — months of real joy. As soon as the next season rolls around you are going to want another handbag and said handbag will be tossed aside or donated to the homeless (where do you think the term “bag lady” came from?). The book, however, provides a plethora of timeless moral implications about life, love, friendship, heartache and how to avoid being a drive-by fatality. Plus, it’s really, really funny. When was the last a handbag was funny?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 3 - Dubai

It's no secret that Dubai is full of expats. Ironically enough I travelled all the way to Dubai, from New Yoker, to talk to the General Manager of Ski Dubai, Mike Mahoney who is an Aussie, just like me. Was great to get the gossip.

Ski Dubai, gives you the opportunity to ski in the desert (or more accurately inside the confines of the Mall of the Emirates). After a good look around, I wasn't up to skiing, I headed into the Mall to find, well, globalization in fine form. H&M x 2, Forever 21, all the shops we are used to are doing great business unfortunately trying to buy something unique to Dubai is tough. In fact, most stores stocked exactly the same clothes as their world-wide counterparts.

From there it was off to The Address, Dubai's newest hotel addition. It's actually really great, very subtle decor, beautiful positioning, on the harbour directly beside Dubai Mall, Dubai's most recent and biggest shopping mall.

Then back to Emirates Towers and off to the airport.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The benefits of camel's milk - Dubai Day 2

The benefits of camel's milk

While slightly saltier than cow's milk, camel milk is highly nutritious. Designed after all for animals that live in some of the roughest environments, it is three times as rich in Vitamin C as cow's milk.

In Russia, Kazakhstan and India doctors often prescribe it to convalescing patients. Aside from Vitamin C, it is known to be rich in iron, unsaturated fatty acids and B vitamins.

This I learned while having breakfast at the Jumeriah Hotel, Dubai.

Once fed we headed to the Burj Al Arab, considered one of the world's only 7 star hotels. Opulent in every way it shows the over-the-top nature of Dubai.

Next it was off to the Atlantis then a tour of the Old Dubai City.

My favourite, the desert safari with champagne stop and dune bashing.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 1 - Dubai

Nothing like an early morning arrival to let you know you're alive (and truly justify those huge sunglasses). The heat hits you like a wall as you exit the enormous terminal that is Dubai airpot. 40 degrees celcius with 80% humidity makes it hard to feel energized but most places are air conditioned so it's not too bad.

Staying at the Jumeirah hotel which is lovely, fresh fruit three times a day, huge bath (with rubber duckie) and free internet!! The view is particularly good, no ocean shots but a good look at what makes Dubai tick - construction, high rises and development.

Headed to the beach which is something I never really associated with Dubai. The water was incredible. The sea the most gorgeous color blue.

From there it was a touch of shopping in the Souk for beginners, now a much needed rest.

Sleep deprivation does little for my brain.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Designers of Tomorrow

A sneak preview of this year's Parsons School of Design Fashion Design Graduates

Monday, May 4, 2009

Advance Article on Sunshine On Sugar Hill

Advance the ex-pat Aussie organization has included 'Sunshine On Sugar Hill' in their latest updates. To check it out head to:

The Preferred Airport

After weeks at airports, home is a much sought after destination. Particularly when you remember how great it is to be a New Yorker (be that an adopted one).

La Guardia, 1hr from my house, is my preferred airport. It's important to know your preference when others are booking your travel. JFK is okay, La Guardia preferred but please don't send me to Newark!

The Airport

Everyone in New York has this 'preferred airport' information. Mainly because many of use take public transportation to the airport. La Guardia for me means one bus, the M60 directly to the airport at a cost of $2 or if you have an all-you-can-eat metro card, free.

The Dilemma
Hoping on the M60 I was mortified to find my all-you-can-eat card had expired. A particularly big dilemma in NY public transportation as you have to pay the fare ($2) in quarters. Gathering this kind of shrapnel is rather difficult on a moving bus with luggage in tow.

"Listen, what do you want me to do?" I asked the bus driver politely, holding my $2 in bills up to show him I had the cash.

"Hold up," he then grabbed his speaker phone and announced to the rest of the passengers. "Does anyone have change?"

And just like that my fellow passengers came to my aid. Everyone from the old lady at the front to the dude at the back offered their card, cash and quarters.

In the end I accepted a lady's all-you-can-eat card as she was heading overseas. It expires in three days. I offered her my $2 which she refused to accept better still, it's good until Wednesday.

The Moral

The kindness of strangers cannot be underestimated so next time someone looks to you for a helping hand feel free to give it. We all need a helping hand sometimes.

Shout Out

I'd just like to send a special shout out to Emerson Williams one of the nicest airport bus drivers around.