Sunday, June 26, 2011

Go the F**k to Sleep

In today's overachieving world, sometimes it's the parents that need a “happy ever after," particularly when battling bed time. Now, thanks to father of two, Adam Mansbach, it's only a page away with this storybook for adults entitled, Go the F**k to Sleep.

A children’s book for an adults-only audience, this Where the Wild Things Are type storybook revives the tortured soul at a time when parents need it most. Aunties, Uncles, teachers and helpers alike will all get a giggle out of this ingenius offering that small Brooklyn-based publisher, Aksahic Books took a leap of faith to publish.

The book has been enormously successful since a pdf was leaked and went viral; particularly in a place like New York where parenting was recently described as a “famously competitive sport” by the New York Post.

Here is a video of Samuel L.Jackson reading a passage. Truly brilliant.

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